Flabba's girlfriend felt 'degraded and disrespected' by him

By Drum Digital
10 September 2015

Sindisiwe Manqele, accused of murdering hip hop artist Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi, did not want to go home with him on the night she fatally stabbed him.

Sindisiwe Manqele, accused of murdering hip hop artist Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi, did not want to go home with him on the night she fatally stabbed him.

This was according to Manqele's lawyer, Norman Makhubele.

He said Manqele would inform the court that she felt degraded and disrespected by Habedi after he had yanked her out of a Sandton nightclub when he saw her speaking to another man.

Manqele claimed to have made a call to a cab driver identified as Khumbu, whose service she had previously made use of, asking him to fetch her.

Makhubele said Habedi told Manqele that she was crazy if she thought he would allow her to get into a cab, fool him and return to the club alone.

Manqele's version was that there had been a scuffle between the two and that Habedi grabbed her phone and refused to give it back, even as the cab driver called repeatedly.

Her phone records would be entered as evidence for the court proceedings.

Habedi's friend, Nkululeko Chauke, who was with the couple along with his girlfriend on that night, denied seeing any of this.

Under cross-examination in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge, Chauke claimed to have heard the two arguing as they walked out of the club, with Manqele telling Habedi that he did not pay any of her bills and could not tell her what to do.

Habedi borrowed money to buy drinks

It was also revealed that on that night, Chauke had loaned Habedi cash to buy drinks. Manqele had also forked out cash for the drinks as Habedi was only expecting to receive money the next day.

Makhubele further alleged that Manqele sprained her ankle as Habedi yanked her from the pavement and ordered her into his car, which at the time was being driven by Chauke.

She intended to testify that she had bargained with Habedi that if he gave her the cellphone back, she would go home with him.

Chauke again denied witnessing any of this.

"I would like to think that me and Sindi are close. She would have said something to me in the car if she was in that situation," he said.

Habedi's relatives who were in the court gallery also made murmers of disapproval.

Manqele later stabbed Habedi in the chest after the two of them allegedly argued at his Alexandra home. He died at the scene.

Manqele claimed to have stabbed Habedi in self-defence.

The case was expected to resume on Thursday, when Chauke would continue with his cross-examination.

Source: News24

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