Fleeing Zimbabweans make it back home safely

By Drum Digital
21 April 2015

Six buses that carried Zimbabweans fleeing from South Africa following xenophobic violence in Durban, have arrived home safely.

Six buses that carried Zimbabweans fleeing from South Africa following xenophobic violence in Durban, have arrived home safely.

The Chronicle newspaper in Bulawayo reported that 407 Zimbabwean repatriates arrived on the Zimbabwean side of Beitbridge border post late on Monday after a four-hour delay on the South African side of the crossing.

The repatriated citizens reportedly also have gruesome tales involving the violence they witnessed in South Africa.

Climate Mushanga has reportedly told the newspaper that he saw his brother beheaded by a group of youths in a violent attack that is yet to be confirmed by South African police.

"I witnessed them killing my brother in a very brutal manner and I'm really devastated and that experience is now haunting me," Mushanga told the newspaper.

2 000 more Zimbabweans reportedly want to return home  and authorities have apparently provided eight buses to ferry the returnees home so far.

Each returning Zimbabwean has been given a food hamper and blankets, and there are extra goods for returning children.

Psychological counselling is being offered to those who want it at the border.

More Zimbabweans are expected to arrive in Beitbridge on Tuesday.

Source: News24wire

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