Flirting tips for your shy teen

By Drum Digital
06 May 2015

Tips for shy teens!

Does your teen have an eye on someone, but struggles to be honest about their crush? Here are nifty tips to help them beat the nerves!

Listen and ask

You’re a great listener but you don’t ask any questions . . .  and we know there are so many unanswered questions going ’round and ’round in your head!

What you should do

Just ask or you’ll never know. Tip: pretend you’re a journalist and it’s your job to ask questions. Knowledge is power and knowing more gives you power to carry on conversations as time passes. Keep it casual and start simple, “So what are you doing this weekend?”

Don’t be shy

When you do let your chatty side out and act confident, it’s usually when you’re texting. But when you see your crush you suddenly cave in with shyness and act distant or uninterested.

What you should do

If you really want to make an impact then you’ll have to do it face to face. Muster the confidence to make an impression by smiling and saying hi when your crush passes by you again.

Don’t be a Facebook stalker

You’re constantly checking out his Facebook page and still cringe about that time you accidentally liked his post from two years ago.

What you should do

Hold back a little. While showing interest is important, being too interested loses its appeal. You know how much you want chocolate when it’s been ages since you’ve had a bite? It’s kinda like that. You want to limit your “likes”, “comments” and “shares”.

Watch the body language

You fold your arms over your chest and anxiously play with the buttons on your blouse to avoid any eye contact.

What you should do

If you can’t manage to make or maintain eye contact, start with playfully touching the person you’re talking to. Brushing their upper arm or touching their elbow when you’re having a convo is bound to have an impact. If you can muster the courage try to maintain eye contact when speaking.

Phone a friend

When it comes to talking to your crush you’re absolutely lost for words. Heck, you even push a door that says “pull”!

What you should do

We all have that friend, the confident one who’s never at a loss for words. Ask him/her to help you arrange a group date. They can act as a sort of mentor and help you brush up on your flirting skills.

Watch the weird

Sometimes you get weird; you just stare from across the room.

What you should do

Stop. You want to impress your crush, not creep them out! Try to lower your gaze and when you look up, smile or nod so they can see they’re being noticed without being so scared they run in the opposite direction.

Stop the sarcasm

You hide behind witty comments or you’re just plain sarcastic when you interact with your crush.

What you should do

Sarcasm and smart comments can be fun when it comes to flirting. But if you’re genuinely interested in someone, you might want to hold back on the sarcasm and get a little more serious so the convo is elevated to something a bit more meaningful.

Social savvy

You use social media to show you’re interested. You rely on song lyrics, memes that hint you’re “in like” and declaring your feelings through emotional rants on Facebook and Twitter.

What you should do

Rather than expecting your crush to sniff out your interest via hidden messages you share with every social media friend you have, have one-on-one conversations with them where your interest will be more noticeable. Messages via social media can be misinterpreted and the last thing you want is your love interest thinking you’re crushing on someone else.

Don’t run!

After secretly crushing on that special someone forever, you eventually blurt out your feelings before running away!

What you should do

Don’t simply blurt it out. Ease into things and plan your moves if you’re heading towards the point where you want to tell your crush how you feel. Remember to be honest and to see things from their perspective, whether good or bad.

- Faiza Mallick


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