Florence Masebe refuses to audition for roles

By Mathawe Matsapola
16 December 2016

Opening up on Unscripted, veteran actress Florence Masebe says there is something that irritates her about the showbiz industry in this country: it shocks her that she is still expected to audition for roles even after her years in the industry.

“I’m not trying to be self-important about it, but I am at a point where I believe I have done enough for you to know if it’s me you want for your project or not. Why are you still subjecting me to an audition?” she asks, adding that she makes time to do TV work when it makes sense to her.

She also goes into detail about the pain of losing her baby son, her culture how she was affected by the recent floods in Gauteng. She also reveals that she’s busy writing a book, Reflections of a Mourning Queen, which will document some of her daily reflections that helped her heal.

“There is no manual on how to grieve or mourn, which is why the book will also have blank pages for the next person to also write their own reflections,” she explains.

Talking about the floods during which she lost some of her belongings, Florence says: “I don’t believe in curses, good luck or bad luck – I believe that life happens.”

Watch her interview here as she goes deeper into her rural look that recently set social media abuzz. “I have never signed a contract to live up to people’s expectations. I can’t run away from who I am,” she says.

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