Former ANC MP supports FW de Klerk boulevard

By Drum Digital
03 February 2015

Renaming Table Bay boulevard after apartheid's last president FW de Klerk has caused heated debates but a close friend of the late Nelson Mandela supports the idea.

Renaming Table Bay boulevard after apartheid's last president FW de Klerk, has resulted in fiery debates but a former member of parliament for the ANC has come out in support of the idea.

Former imprisoned activist Andrew Mlangeni who was also a close friend of Nelson Mandela's, has expressed support in the boulevard's name being changed.

"He deserves to be honoured," says Mlageni.

"He has made a major contribution. When he took over from P.W. Botha, political prisoners were released as he wanted to find a solution. He was useful and cooperative in the transition," adds Mlangeni.

The former ANC MP finds de Klerk being a recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize as an indication of his contribution.

"He was not only honoured by ourselves; he received a Nobel which is one of the highest honours," he says.

Mlangeni is not the only ANC anti-apartheid activist that feels that de Klerk deserves to be honoured.

Last week at a council meeting in Cape Town concerning the boulevard's name change, tempers flared and chaos erupted with members of the ANC as well as Patricia de Lille profusely arguing against the decision.

But Mlangeni says this is expected  because everyone has varying opinions on any given matter.

"You can't expect people to view things in the same light. Any kind of change will not be received in the same way," concludes Mlangeni.

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