Former Generations actor Mike Mvelase blasts Generations

By Drum Digital
12 June 2013

Former Generations actor Mike Mvelase has come out criticising Generations storyline calling it “immoral” reported Daily Sun.

“The writers of Generationsare sending out the wrong message. What lessons are they teaching our kids with the characters of Senzo and Jason?

“In our constitution, gays and lesbians have rights but I feel it paints a bad picture for parents who must explain to their children why a boy is married to another boy. When you show a five-year-old boy that it’s cool for a boy to kiss another boy, what exactly are you teaching him?

The actor whose character Khapela Ngcobo was  recently killed off on the show has also chastised the Mawande story line.

“They introduced this Mawande character and her kids who will do anything to get their parents’ inheritance while they are still alive.

“What message are they sending?

“Are they saying kids must do whatever it takes to inherit their parents’ money even while they are still alive?

“The storyline is way out of touch with our values, culture and morals,” Mike said.

In response to Mike Mvelase's comments, Generations executive producer Mfundi Mvundla told Daily Sun,  “Mike, like all citizens in our democratic society, is entitled to his views but millions of viewers have made us the number one series in the country.”

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