Free apps to teach numerical skills

By Drum Digital
23 March 2014

Free apps to teach numerical skills

These great apps can help children learn basic numerical skills before they start Grade 1. All five apps are available free in the iTunes shop.

Learn to Count

Learn to count from 1 to 100 with this app.

KidBuddy Lite

With the help of drawings and interactive games children can easily learn about numbers and amounts.

Flashcards to Go

This app teaches children to count at their own pace.

Ice Cream Addition

The colourful ice creams in this app may help children to love maths from the start.

Toddler Mathemagic HD Lite

As soon as the child has mastered basic skills, this app will teach them to add, subtract, multiply and divide. There are 20 questions with five options from which to choose.

- Shané Barnard

SOURCE: The Primary School Education App Guide

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