Freedom Day: Nothing to celebrate says Malema

By Drum Digital
27 April 2014

South Africa has nothing to celebrate when there are people staying in shacks without water, electricity, sanitation or proper roads, says Julius Malema.

South Africa has nothing to celebrate when there are people staying in shacks without water, electricity, sanitation or proper roads, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said on Sunday.

At a rally at Durban's Glebelands Stadium in the Umlazi area, Malema said: "It was supposed to be a Freedom Day. You cannot celebrate freedom if you do not have bread on the table.

"We have nothing to celebrate. Our people are still staying in shacks. Our people do not have water. Our people do not have electricity. Our people do not have proper roads. Freedom means a flushing toilet."

Malema said the EFF was a party open to people of all races, but that greed would not be tolerated irrespective of race.

"We are not going to drive white people into the sea because white people are part of us. We want white people who are ready to share the wealth with us. We don't want greedy white people. We don't want greedy black people. That's why Cyril Ramaphosa is not our friend."

Malema, the former leader of the ANC Youth League, accused the ANC of being a party of violence that did not tolerate opposition parties.

"In Natal there is no free political movement. You can't have a meeting of an opposition party in Natal without disruption by the ANC.

"They used to tell us that the Inkatha Freedom Party is the most violent party, but during our stay the week has proved the ANC is the most violent party."

He said the ANC had disrupted meetings, threatened to beat up or kill EFF supporters and removed EFF posters.

He accused the ANC of undermining the South African constitution.

"They don't love the Mandela legacy. They are doing everything to destroy what Nelson Mandela has achieved. All the rights given to us by the constitution are taken away by the ANC."

He said that slain protester Andries Tatane and the shot miners of Marikana would turn in their graves.

Malema earlier received a rapturous welcome from a crowd of about 1500 people, who waited more than three hours for him at the Durban stadium.

The crowd started gathering in Umlazi from 9am.

Various choral groups and rap artists performed songs on stage during the long wait.

Once Malema arrived, marshals battled to control the enthusiastic supporters who carried an assortment of placards and flags, including one which read: "Defeat the Party of White Privilege".

The rally, Malema's last in the province before the general election on May 7, is taking place near the Glebelands hostels, an African National Congress stronghold.

There was a heavy police presence outside the stadium as supporters awaited Malema. - Sapa

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