From a village boy to the world stage

By Qhama Dayile
16 November 2016

“It’s not a massive role, but it is a role I will forever cherish..."

He’s from the dusty streets of Ga-Dikgale village in Limpopo, and now well-known television personality Aaron Moloisi is going international.

Talking about his role as a strict chess tournament official in Queen of Katwe, Aaron says: “It’s not a massive role, but it is a role I will forever cherish because it is me stepping outside my comfort zone and hitting the world stage. It’s a dream come true.”

His television dream started back in 2002 when he left his nine-to-five job as an IT specialist to join television youth talk show Take 5. Now he’s working on his own top-secret show that will go live in 2017.

Interestingly, the television presenter says during his years in the industry, he’s learnt that being on TV is more than just fun and games.

“I have learnt that this is more than just a job, I have a responsibility to change lives for the worse or for the better. So what comes out of my mouth needs to have an impact. Not everyone who calls you darling in this industry really means it,” he says.

But, fame does bring you many friends, so finding real friends is tough. One famous person he’s friends with, though, is Olympic gold medallist Caster Semenya. Aaron says they are more than just Instagram friends, they are family.

“I became friends with Caster in 2009 and we immediately got along. We are like brother and sister. Caster and Violet [Caster’s wife] are one couple who do not make me feel like I’m a celebrity,” he says.

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