From muffins to milliions

By Drum Digital
04 September 2015

Sandile Shezi sold muffins not too long ago. Nowadays, SA's youngest millionaire is buying and selling shares on the world's stock markets

He looks like he's barely out of his teens, so its hard to believe he's a millionaire.

But after chatting to him for just a few minutes it's clear his boyish looks belie a  drive and focus way beyond his years.

At 23, Sandile Shezi is SA's youngest self-made millionaire, and he's done it without any formal training or qualification. In fact, he's a college dropout.

What he did have when he took the leap into the world of stock and foreign exchange trading three years ago was the desire to be a financial success, an entrepreneur's willingness to take risks and an amazing work ethic.

He starts every day at 3am, and with that kind of dedication it's not hard to see how he's gone from knowing virtually nothing about trading in currencies to becoming one of the most successful traders in the country in just three years.

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