Full Circle 2/5

By Drum Digital
03 April 2014

Had they really thought she'd murdered her husband and buried him in garden?

Everybody told her she was crazy, but then again she’d always been crazy in love with him. There’d never been anybody else for her. Without him she was just a shadow of her old self.

When had it all gone so wrong? That was the thing. She had absolutely no idea. One minute she was happily married, the next moment he was gone.

It would have been easier to comprehend if there had been any fighting or arguments – but there had been none of that. She knew people found that hard to believe.

The police had brought the experts in, officers who had gone through her house with a fine-tooth comb. They had even dug up her garden.

Mildred walked over to one of the shelves and browsed the selection of books. She had packed all his favourite authors there. Zebulon had always been a great reader. There was nothing he liked more than browsing through aisles of books at the book store.

MILDRED walked over to the window and looked out at the darkness. She could hear dogs barking in the distance, otherwise all was quiet. She remembered looking out of this same window at the police experts who had filled her garden.

Her hands trembled slightly as she recalled their expressions becoming animated when they came across the freshly dug vegetable patch. She had wanted to run out and tell them they were wasting their time, but she knew somehow they wouldn’t believe her. In the end they had destroyed her vegetables, but had found nothing. Had they really thought she’d murdered her husband and buried him in the garden?

They’d interrogated her for hours and begged her to stop wasting police time. They had even told her she was going to prison, so she had better tell them the truth.

Mpho had cried buckets when she arrived at the house one day to find that her dog Innocence had died of old age. Innocence had simply lain down on the rug in the living room one morning and never got up again.

At times Mildred envied her. It had been nearly a year now and she was waiting for things to get easier. But the pain had not lessened. They say you get over your grief in time, but you don’t, not ever. You just become better at hiding your emotions.

“You don’t have to do it, Mom,” Nelisiwe had said.

“I don’t know if you’re a fool or a saint but whatever you decide we’ll support you all the way,” her son had said and hugged her.

“Thanks, darling. It means a great deal to me.” She’d been so choked up she could hardly get the words out. Goodwin was kind and considerate, just like his Dad.

-by Agnes Kimberley

To be continued...

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