Full Circle 4/5

By Drum Digital
05 April 2014

What happened that fateful day?

Mildred had arrived home that fateful day, dropped her bag on the chair beside the door and called out her husband’s name.

“Hello, Zebulon. I’m home, love.”

She’d gone straight to the kitchen and put the kettle on. When he didn’t answer her she went looking for him all over the house. He must have been home at one point, she thought, and gone out again. Perhaps he’d just gone down to the shops to buy groceries or the daily paper.

It was only a little later that she started worrying about him and it seemed to Mildred as if she’d done nothing else since. She had to go through endless interrogations and they were nearly the death of her.

The police were convinced she’d killed him, but they had no proof. They had nothing against her. Then, just when she thought they’d leave her alone, they would be back and the questions would start all over again.

There wasn’t a piece of the garden they hadn’t dug up and they had searched the house many times. Still they found nothing, but they carried on searching anyway.

Mildred swallowed the knot of fear that seemed to have taken up permanent residence in her stomach. She knew they were only trying to do their job, but did they have to be so callous and brutal?

She’d barely slept or eaten during those first months. People were sympathetic, but at the same time they were obviously dying to know what had happened between her and Zebulon.

Her friend Lebo had even dared say to her, “You know you can tell me, Mildred. I promise I won’t say a word.”

“Fair-weather friends,” Nelisiwe called them as she hugged her mom hard. “Don’t let her upset you. You know we’re all as much in the dark about Dad’s disappearance as anyone else.”

Mildred had learnt a great deal about her family and friends over the past months. She now knew who she could rely on and who didn’t warrant a second thought. And the police hadn’t contacted her for a while. Perhaps they were going to leave her alone.

-by Agnes Kimberley

To be continued...

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