Full Circle 5/5

By Drum Digital
06 April 2014

Will there be a happy ending to Mildred's misery?

Her cellphone rang very early one morning in May. Nearly 11 months had gone by since Zebulon had disappeared without a trace.

Mildred was surprised to hear Goodwin on the phone. He was doing a shift in the emergency room of the hospital and usually she didn’t hear from him at such times.

“Could you meet me at the hospital, Mom?” he said. “I need to see you.”

“Of course,” she replied. “I’ll be right there.”

Just as she had parked her car, Goodwin came running up to her. Before she could say anything he said breathlessly, “Mom, I’ve found Dad.”

“Found Dad!” she echoed, and went weak at the knees. She would have fallen over if he hadn’t caught her in his arms.

A few minutes later he helped her into the examination room and stood holding her arm as she was still a bit shaky.

Mildred stood looking down at the frail, thin man who was unconscious on the table. The police had picked him up in the early hours of the morning by the side of the road. He had been lying next to the main highway about a 10-minute drive from his home.

He smelled horrible and his clothes hadn’t been changed in a long time. Mildred walked over to his bed and stood gazing down at him for several minutes.

There were a million questions she wanted to ask him, but the doctors had diagnosed him with a brain tumour.

Zebulon had no recollection of where he’d gone the day he left home and where he had been for past months. The doctors explained that the tumour was inoperable and there were parts of his memory that he’d never get back again.

Some days he knew who she was, but on his bad days his mind was a blank. But Mildred didn’t let this deter her in the slightest. She was determined to do the right thing by him.

That’s why, after sitting up half the night, she arrived at the hospital. To take her husband home to the newly-decorated room she had prepared for him, with its bookshelves and bright colours.

She approached him where he sat in the wheelchair, bent down and kissed him on the cheek. And suddenly Mildred felt a surge of happiness. She knew she had done the right thing after all.

She put her hand on his shoulder and told him, “Today is the day you’re finally coming home, Zebulon. Whatever it takes, I’ll look after you. After all, you took such good care of me for 35 years. Now it’s my turn, darling.”

-by Agnes Kimberley

The end.

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