Fun fashions for four-year-olds

28 February 2014

Moms often joke kids prefer playing with the cardboard box rather than the toy inside. This American toddler proves kids definitely don’t always need expensive toys to keep them busy. Take a look at her and her mom’s clever ideas with paper.

It’s something many little girls love doing: digging in their mom’s cupboard looking for scarves and other clothes to get dressed up in. But American mom Angie quickly realised this wouldn’t satisfy four-year-old daughter Mayhem’s interest in fashion. So they started making a new dress from paper every day and sharing the pictures of Mayhem* dressed in the creations on Instagram (@2sisters_angie). You won’t believe how creative the four-year-old fashionista is.

“After we made our first paper dress, Mayhem requested another the very next day. Then another the day after that. And no one is more surprised than I am that she still wants to make them nearly nine months later. I have no idea if it will continue, but as long as she wants to make them, we'll keep doing it,” Angie says on

On their website,, Angie writes she helps mostly to make the more complicated dresses but that Mayhem comes up with the ideas and helps make them. “Even when she’s not helping on the dress I’m working on, she’s sitting next to me making something else. She actually sometimes makes dresses entirely on her own.”

Some of the dresses are inspired by cartoon characters but they’ve also copied celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence’s and Lupita Nyong’o’s red-carpet creations. The mom-and-daughter team use paper, foil and anything else they can lay their hands on. Transparent adhesive tape is indispensable.

See the cute dresses (and model) here and get inspiration for a fun rainy-day play activity.

-Suzaan Hauman

*Not her real name


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