Gabisile The Gang-buster 1/4

By Drum Digital
20 March 2014

Most importantly he completely forgot about her big day

Gabisile sat on the bed going through possible in¬terview questions. She was getting impatient. Where was her fiancé, Mandla? She’d been waiting for him for hours. Every time she heard a car outside she flipped the curtain to see if it was him but each time the car just drove past.

As 11 am – the time of her interview

– drew closer, she became agitated and very impatient.

She’d been waiting for an opportunity like this for months and now it had come her way. It was her dream to work as a jour¬nalist, even though Mandla discouraged her because he felt the job was dangerous. This from a policeman!

Gabisile desperately needed to find work. She was bored sitting at home – and, even worse, most of her friends had jobs.

With each day that passed they were overtaking her.

As for Mandla, he’d become very unreli¬able, failing to keep most of his promises. As 11 am came and went she grew more and more despondent. Now he’d even cost her an important job interview.

At 6 pm Mandla finally appeared, pulling off his boots and flinging himself on the couch in the lounge. Gabi, who was in the bedroom, heard the two thuds on the floor as the boots hit the ground.

“Babes! Gabi! Please bring me something to drink,” Mandla called.

Gabi stormed through to the lounge. “Mandla! What do you take me for, huh? Why are you doing this to me?”

Taken aback at her anger, Mandla looked at Gabi in surprise. Then suddenly it dawned on him. He’d forgotten all about her job interview! He’d been so distracted at work that he’d let his lovely Gabi down.

For the past few months he’d been strug¬gling to get to grips with his latest case and had battled to find evidence against a noto-rious gang in Mamelodi township.

He had arrested a few people so far but the charges never seemed to stick when he was the arresting officer.

“I’m sorry babes, please forgive me. I for¬got about your interview. But please stop worrying about earning money – I can take good care of you,” he said softly.

“I know, but I needed that job, don’t you get it? Why do you always put yourself first? You’d better stop treating me like a child and take me seriously. I mean it, Mandla!”

“Babes, I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you,” he replied.

“You knew very well there was no public transport today because of the strike”, Gabi said.

“Please calm down, my angel. Things aren’t going well for me at work,” Mandla said and tried to tickle her under her chin.

Gabi was so upset that she stormed out of the room.

-by Stella Bopape

To be continued...

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