Gabisile The Gang-buster 2/4

By Drum Digital
21 March 2014

They never believed in her. They didn't see potential.

A few days later, Gabisile decided to sell fruit and vegetables at the local market to give herself something to do. She loaded the basket on her bicycle and set off.

When she arrived she set up her stall opposite a shack from which someone was selling a few cabbages and tomatoes. Every now and then customers would come across from the shack to her stall. Clearly the owner was referring customers to Gabi.

Why? Gabi wondered. Why was he being so generous?

Cars would come and go and it seemed as if the guy who was selling veggies was also selling car parts.

When she got home she told Mandla about her suspicions but as usual he just ignored her.

Irritated by being fobbed off, she persisted. “Something strange is going on where I’m selling veggies. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m determined to get to the bottom of it,” she said.

While they were talking, Mandla’s friend Joe rang him and Gabi overheard their conversation.

“There’s a gang which is hijacking cars in the city and bringing them into the town-ship. The problem is we just can’t track them down,” Mandla told Joe.

He continued. “Joe, please be my eyes and ears around here – I’m counting on you. I’ll be relieved once these guys are locked up.”

Mandla listened to Joe’s answer, then replied, “If anyone can find them, it’s you. Thanks bru,” and rang off.

Gabi didn’t like the fact that Mandla confided in Joe, who never even bothered to greet her.

She didn’t like being ignored.

The next day she visited her old friend Monica – a cop she had met through Mandla. Gabi needed to talk to someone who would listen to her. But when she arrived at Monica’s place she was busy on the phone, requesting information about the same kasi gang Mandla was after.

“Gabi! Where have you been hiding, girl-friend?” screamed Monica, running towards Gabisile to give her a hug. They jumped in circles like kids, holding hands. Of all her friends, Monica never criticised Gabi for being unemployed.

“Mo, tell me, are you winning with these criminals? Perhaps I could help”, said Gabi.

“It’s hard to find facts, but let me no bore you with the details,” Monica replied, then changed the subject quickly. “Where did you buy this beautiful dress? Still the hot trendsetter, huh?”

“Oh no! Don’t tell me you don’t recognise this old rag! I wore it the other day at the police party. But Mo, I’m still willing to help with the case. Please,” begged Gabi. She was desperate to investigate anything to build experience that would get her a newspaper job.

“No offence, but I can’t get you involved in this one. It’s too risky. I’m also scared because these kind of people can be danger¬ous,” Monica said, frowning.

Gabisile didn’t take that very well. Just like Mandla, Monica was patronising her. She decided to do some digging by herself.

-by Stella Bapape

To be continued...

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