Gabisile The Gang-buster 3/4

By Drum Digital
22 March 2014

Gabi finds shocking evidence. What will she do with it?

The next day at the market, a silver BMW pulled up on the other side of the road. The door opened and out stepped a nattily dressed Joe, Mandla’s friend, in shades, pointy black shoes and a smart outfit. He propped his sunglasses on his forehead while his friends showered him with praise. He didn’t recognise Gabisile as the street vendor on the other side of the road.

While they were talking in a group a guy got into the BMW. Joe looked at him and gave him a thumbs-up before the car pulled off slowly down the road.

Suspicious, Gabi decided to follow him. She quickly packed up her stall and hopped on her bike. The car was slowly navigating the potholes and puddles of the kasi streets. Then it stopped at a house only two blocks from her home.

Fortunately there was a hair salon next door and she decided to have her hair braided. While she was sitting there she could hear people shouting at each other, asking for tools. And they sounded as if they were in a big hurry.

Just then a guy in greasy overalls entered the salon. He plugged in an extension cord and passed the other end through the open window.

Gabi asked the braider if she could use the toilet. Once inside she quickly closed the door and put down the toilet seat. Then she stood on the toilet and peered out of the small high window.

There were five guys in the yard, and she snapped them with her cellphone camera. One was standing guard at the gate of the yard. Two guys were masking the windows and chromed parts of the BMW with tape and brown paper while another had started to spray the silver car dark blue.

Gabi was startled by a knock on the door and realised she should go back before she raised suspicion. When she went back into the salon she tried making conversation with the hairdresser. Luckily she was talkative.

“Tell me, do you pay a high rent in this part of town?” Gabi asked with a smile.

“Believe me chomma, Joe Kau is a very good man. He’s charging us so little you won’t find any cheaper place around,” the hairdresser said as she popped her chewing gum.

“Nice to find a guy with ubuntu in this day and age,” Gabi said. “Can I go to the bath-room again? My stomach is just not right, I think it’s the food I ate earlier.”

“Sure, I’ll wait,” the hairdresser said.

Gaby ran to the toilet and peered through the window again. She was surprised to see the silver car was now blue all over. Two men were drying it with portable heaters and fans. When she returned to her chair in the salon, she asked the hairstylist a few more questions.

Just as she was leaving the salon, the now-blue BMW drove off. Gabi paid the hairdresser and returned to the crowded market. The car was parked in the same place. A few minutes later Joe got into it and drove off. It was a busy road and nobody seemed to pay attention.

-by Stella Bopape

To be continued...

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