Gabrielle Union shares her simple beauty secrets

By Drum Digital
14 January 2015

The gorgeous 42 year-old actress shared some of her beauty secrets.

The gorgeous 42 year-old actress stopped by E! News to promote the second season of Being Mary Jane (finally) and she shared some of her beauty secrets.

You’ll be surprised by the stunner’s really simple approach to health and beauty.

"I don't abuse my body. I drink a gallon of water a day. I use Neutrogena," she shared. "A lot of it is really mind over matter and eliminating a lot of the BS and learning to say no.

I swear to God," she continued. "The second I learned how to say no, I felt that was the best anti-aging I could do for myself."

If Gabrielle can say no to junk food and her body is that amazing, we can surely learn a thing or two from the starlet and prepare our bodies for the year ahead!

The beauty and her baller husband have finally settled into their new home and are having a ball being married.

We can’t wait for Being Mary Jane’s second season to hit our shores!

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