Gain financial freedom

By Drum Digital
08 July 2014

Gaining financial independence is something most people aspire to, but attaining it is something that comes after a long time of learning and deliberate work.

Not so clued up on your finances and a little confused about where to start?

Here are some useful tips anyone can apply:

Move out sooner rather than later

When we live with others it’s easier to rely on them for assistance versus do things for ourselves.

Have an emergency fund

This is in addition to your regular savings. This will be your cushion should you lose your job or face an unexpected situation.

Avoid debt

Having a great credit score is gold when it comes to long-term goals like purchasing a home. Without one you aren’t going to have access to the best rates and deals compared to those who do.

Stay within your means

Stop trying to keep up with an appearance your wallet can’t carry. It’s okay to enjoy the finer things in life, just make some adjustments so that you are living comfortably without stretching yourself too thin.

Plan for your future

Even with a limited budget, saving up for retirement is not impossible.

Break old habits

If you want to be financially independent,  you can be. Even if it takes several months or years, breaking old habits can put you one step closer to your financial prosperity.


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