Gameshow offers babies as prizes

By Drum Digital
28 July 2013

A Pakistan-based TV gameshow, 'Amaan Ramazan', has come under fire for giving away two babies as prizes.

A Pakistan-based TV gameshow has come under fire for giving away babies.

'Amaan Ramazan' has been criticised after it awarded a little girl as a "jackpot prize" to a couple who had struggled to conceive, and while the programme has been slated for such stunts, it may have also helped to save kids who had been abandoned at birth.

Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa, who runs the Chhipa Welfare Association, which presented the babies, said: "We have lots of babies that are just abandoned, left in the garbage or other dirty places. Often we just find the bodies so our message is to tell people to bring their babies to us, don't leave them."

The game show usually offers laptops or washing machines as its prizes but during Ramadan it offered two newborns to lucky winners.

After being handed a baby girl one woman described the little one as a "gift of Ramadan".

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