Gauteng rids healthcare facilities of dishonest workers

By Drum Digital
18 May 2016

Following investigations into cases of fraud and misconduct at provincial hospitals, the Gauteng Department of Health has dismissed six officials for various transgressions.

By Ayanda Sitole

The Department revealed that two officials at Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital were fired for stealing medicine valued at R36 000 last year.

This includes a pharmacy assistant and laundry worker who were caught stealing 48 boxes of Epilim CR (used for treatment of bipolar disorder, psychotic conditions and for nerve-related pain), 35 boxes of Sandoz-Co Amoxiclav (used for treatment of community acquired pneumonia, upper and lower respiratory infection and otitis media) 40 boxes of Lansoloc (used for treatment of epigastric pains and general ulcers) and 49 boxes of Lovir (used for treatment of herpes simplex and varicella-zoster viruses and genital infections).

Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu said they also fired four other officials for other misdemeanours, including collusion in management of mortuary corpse at Bheki Mlangeni District Hospital.

“One official accepted a position for which the official had not applied for at the same facility (financial clerk) and falsification of employer’s documents in order to mislead the employer to believe that the official was at work while he had not reported for duty,” Mahlangu said.

An administration clerk was also fired at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital for payment of overtime to another employee without following due process, which led to irregular expenditure of overtime payments.

She also said it disheartens her that people continue to commit such offences and she said she will not hesitate to throw the book at anyone who has been found to have transgressed.

“I can never overemphasise the importance for public officials to carry themselves in an exemplary manner while executing their duties. At times, people are driven by pure greed to mispresent their overtime and stealing from their workplace.”

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