Gayton and Kenny: Hustlers Bible

By Drum Digital
15 March 2013

With runaway sales of his new inspiring book, Gayton McKenzie has created yet another success story – with Kenny Kunene

Gayton McKenzie, self-made millionaire and the other half of the ZAR nightclub empire, is making major waves in the local publishing world with his hit book, A Hustler’s Bible. Gayton (39), who’s partner is sushi king

Kenny Kunene, is thrilled about his latest success and DRUM sat down with him at the new Sandton hotel, The Maslow, to find out all about it. Articulate and charismatic, the author is justifiably proud of his latest endeavour: Not only did he write the book himself but it’s flying off the shelves and he’s already had to print more books – the first run of around 20 000 books sold out in three days!

It’s been so popular they’ve kept the printing presses going around the clock to try and keep up with demand. His first book, the autobiography The Gayton McKenzie Story, was co-written with Charles Cilliers but this time he’s done it all by himself. His story is a real rags-to-riches tale as he’s also an ex-convict.

As he says, “I went from sleeping on the floor to sleeping on the top floor of fancy hotels! I did it all, from selling fish and chicken out of my car boot, to get where I am today.”

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