Generations newcomer Thato Molamu

By Drum Digital
09 February 2011

HE’S tipped to be the show’s latest bad boy – selfish, arrogant and snobbish. He’s a man of mystery too, with viewers divided and confused over almost everything about him, from whether or not we should like him to whether or not he’s gay.

He is, of course, Nicholas: Generations’ stylish new character. The man who plays him, Thato Molamu (26) loves doing so but we quickly realise he’s not the kind of guy to take over a room with the usual celeb “look-at-me” antics.He just happens to like acting, which in most cases would mean an outgoing or even brash personality. Not this time – when we meet him at 20 West Hotel in Sandton, there’s no loud banter or over-the-top conversations on the inevitable BlackBerry.

“I’m really just a shy guy,” he says in his deep voice with its heavy Setswana accent – the one the ladies are swooning for. He likes his job so much, in fact, that in a quiet phase when he was 19 he was forced to work as a waiter to buy food, but lasted only two weeks. “I quit because I wanted to act. Sometimes I crashed at friend’s places, sometimes my friend and I slept in his car. It was a struggle, I can tell you.

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