Generations’ newest romance

By Drum Digital
07 July 2010

JUICY. That’s the only way to describe the tension developing between Karabo and Lungile Mabena.

Why is she so unsettled by him and what exactly are his motives? And what about the Paul/Karabo/Dineo triangle – will Paul and Karabo eventually tie the knot or will Dineo get her man?

Keep watching, Generations addicts, and all will be revealed. But for fans of South Africa’s top show there’s more to this drama than just another sizzling soap storyline. It’s probably the last chance we will have to see whether the perpetually unlucky-in-love Karabo finally finds happiness – either in the arms of Paul or Lungile.

Karabo, as every fan will know, won’t be around much beyond October as Connie Ferguson – the actress who has breathed life into the lovely Karabo for the past 16 years – is leaving the show that made her a household name.

With three months to go before the grand exit of the grande dame of soapieland, we decided to get Connie together with Buyile Mdladla, who plays Lungile Mabena, and see if we could get the low-down on what’s to come. But, ever professional, the pair just smile and bat off our questions.

Connie (40) has brought her youngest, Alicia (8), with her – it’s school holidays and the little girl wanted to tag along to watch her mom work. She’s been spending a lot of time on the set of the show, her mother tells us, and was probably more upset than anyone when she announced she was leaving Generations.

“She just can’t understand why I want to leave,” Connie says. “Both she and [big sister] Lesedi have grown up associating me with the show. But Alicia is secretly hoping this will free me up to work with her dad so we can spend more time together. I thought that was sweet.”

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