Generations’ Thabiso introduces baby Thabo

By Drum Digital
12 January 2011

HE’S just six weeks old and looks like a little doll, but gorgeous baby Thabo ya Morena Christian is the new king of the Mokhethi castle. And his loyal followers – Dad Thabiso (28), Mom Gaaratwe (24) and little sister Thabisa (4) – are happy to do his bidding.

Despite the busy start to the new year as the Mokhethi’s adjust to their latest addition, Generations star Thabiso has brought his family in to the DRUM offices for an exclusive interview.

“I’m lucky to have a job I really love that lets me provide for my family,” says the man who plays Samuel in the country’s biggest TV show. “It’s funny because Samuel is also a dad as he has a son too. We’re both dads now but it’s very different. Sharon bosses Samuel around quite a bit but at home we’re a partnership, although I’m the king of my castle . . .”

“But, Daddy, you don’t have a castle,” pipes up little Thabisa and everyone bursts into laughter.

The actor is clearly smitten with “his boy”, whose names mean God’s Joy, and it’s obvious as he soothes the little one’s fussing that this hands-on dad knows what he’s doing.

“Actually he’s the boss!” says Thabiso, rocking and cooing Thabo to sleep. “It’s definitely Thabo’s world and we just live in it. It’s been tough getting used to having a baby in the house again but we’re loving it. We’ve just had an amazing festive season because for me this time is all about family, so watching Thabo and spending time together has been incredible.

I think the family structure is very important and these days it’s gotten a bit lost. I have so much respect for single parents but kids need two parents – we must get back to the old-fashioned family values!” And what are those family values?

“Well, the modern man in a family must be there for his family and give them love and protection,” he says. “You are a role model for your children and a partner to your wife.

“You’re also the spiritual leader in the home and the head of the household.”

While he’s a great dad, Thabiso admits that he’s far from perfect and explains that just a few months ago he was worried about how he’d adapt to the new baby.

“I didn’t know how this new person would fit in. I love my wife and daughter and it’s been just us three for four years so I was worried about whether I’d love Thabo properly. But seeing him being born... wow, the love was instantly there. He just had to show up and I was full of love for him.”

Thabo doesn’t seem to be enjoying all the attention in the studio and is a bit overwhelmed by the action around him. He’s normally a happy, friendly little chap who cries only when it’s time for a feed or a nappy change.

That’s unlike his diva sister who seems to thrive on all the attention – if she’s not practising her smiles for the camera, she’s giving us singing and dancing lessons and still finding time to shower Thabo with kisses.

Gaaratwe, who got her psychology degree last year, has decided to take the year off to focus on Thabo.

“I want to be there for my children. Thabisa will start Grade R soon so it’s just going to be me and him,” she says. “I’m a bit nervous but I’m looking forward to getting a routine going.” She still boasts a post-pregnancy glow and looks fantastic, but tells us that she put on about 20 kg during her pregnancy.

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