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By Drum Digital
23 November 2016

Through an innovative mobile app, Momentum Short-term Insurance gives you the help you need, should calamity strike.

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The festive season is upon us, and we need to take extra care to ensure the safety of our loved ones and belongings. Through an innovative mobile app, Momentum Short-term Insurance gives you the help you need, should calamity strike.

Momentum Short-term Insurance aims to improve the financial wellness and safety of people through innovative technology, and puts the power back into your hands with a convenient mobile app. Whether you have a vehicle claim, need to keep an eye on your kids, an emergency, or you just need a checklist for the day – it's all on the ShorTerm Client mobile app.

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Anyone can use the features of the ShorTerm Client app, but only clients can submit claims. The “Help!” feature assists in setting up a list of friends and family who will receive a “help” SMS and your current location when you activate the panic mode. “Arrive Safely” lets you set a time delay of how long it will take you to reach your specified destination.

Should you have an emergency on your trip, a customised message will be sent to your predefined contacts. The “Stay Alert” feature provides you with a checklist, which can be handy when travelling.

In the event of an accident, the “Vehicle Accident Assist” feature can be used to gather information at the scene by scanning the vehicle and driver’s licence discs of all involved.

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You can also record the conversations at the scene, take photos of the damaged vehicles, and add your case number after reporting the incident to the police – all of which is submitted directly to Momentum Short-term Insurance. The app also gives you access to emergency services such as medical assistance and tow truck operators.

The “Report a Claim” feature allows you to submit a claim for vehicle theft, windscreen, geyser and pipes, your portable possessions, household and building contents. This feature also allows you to take photos and submit your claims directly to Momentum Short-term Insurance.

The sad reality is that the world is not always safe and though we all want to be able to look after those we care about 100% of the time, our busy lives make this near impossible.

The “SafeTrack” feature works as a family locator and sets a safe zone around your children and your loved ones. You can set an alert to receive a notification if your dependants leave this safe zone. Part of the feature is “map view” which allows you to check your dependant’s current location, and lists hospitals and police stations in specified safe zones. This feature is especially handy for parents and teens during the holiday period.

In addition, the ShorTerm Client app has the “Invite My Dependants” feature which gives you the ability to invite your loved ones to the app, giving them full access to features such as “Help!”, “Arrive Safely”, “SafeTrack”, “My Emergency Contact List” and “Stay Alert”.


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