Get moving, mama!

By Drum Digital
15 May 2014

Pregnant moms are often so busy taking care of their older kids the idea of exercise added to this busy schedule is simply preposterous. But it isn’t just good for you and your unborn baby, it can be great fun with your other kids.

Of course the benefits of even light exercise during pregnancy shouldn’t be ignored and it can even give you that little energy boost you need for the day.

Why do you and baby need exercise?

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy range from relief from backache and constipation to helping you sleep more peacefully at night. Exercise also helps prevent wear and tear on your joints, which loosen during pregnancy. However, keeping your weight down and thinking about your post-baby body is probably reason enough too.

Exercise with your kids

Here are a few creative ideas to help you fit exercise and your kids into your busy schedule:

1.     Dance parties

Buy a dance or aerobics DVD (nothing too strenuous) and play it in your lounge. You can shed those pounds while you and your kids have a blast dancing around the room. However, steer clear of routines that call for leaps, twirls or anything too gravity defying.

2.     Walking

All you really need is a good stroller for your child and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. The fresh air will clear your head and the exercise endorphins will brighten your day. The upside is that walking is safe for most expectant moms and is something you can continue doing throughout your pregnancy.

3.     Play-time

Toddlers and preschoolers are generally very active, so if you need to get off the couch the best thing to do is to take your cue from your little one. If your baby is still floor-bound, try spending at least 30 minutes crawling around with them.

If you have some “mommy-only” time to spare Pilates, swimming and specialised pregnancy yoga come highly recommended.

Remember it’s important to consult with your gynaecologist before embarking on an exercise programme , no matter how light the exercise may be. Every pregnancy is different and something your pregnant friend or colleague is doing may not be beneficial for you.

-Lindsay de Freitas


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