Get the perfect arched eyebrows

By Drum Digital
30 March 2015

Great shaped eyebrows may give you a neat face lift.


Know what shape you are going for before you start removing some of your eyebrow hair. "The front of the brow should align with the upper bridge of your nose," says Vucetaj.

Fill in the shape of your eyebrows

Using a liner, fill in the shape you are going for before plugging so you do not over do it.

Brush upwards

After drawing your desired eyebrow shape, use a spoolie brush to coax hairs up for lift and volume.

Tweeze the left over hair

Once you've finished filling in and brushing, remove unwanted follicles with slant-tipped tweezers. Unless you're a professional, Vucetaj says to only tweeze underneath—not above—the brow.

Close gaps

Using an eyeliner with a brush, fill in the gaps in your eyebrows, so they looks solid and full of volume.


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