Get the right wig for your face shape

By Qhama Dayile
21 June 2016

Here are a few tips on identifying the shape of your face and which type of wig would best suit that shape.

There are different types of wigs: partial coverage wigs, full-cap wigs, open-cap wigs and even men's wigs.

All of these are to be enjoyed. Choosing the best wig for your face shape can be tricky.

Oval shaped: An oval face shape is a common shape for women and most wigs tend to look good with this face shape. Both short and long, wavy or straight wigs could suit this shape. With the unlimited options, one needs to consider their facial features and decided which of them they wish to enhance.

Celebrities with this shape: Jessica Alba, Oprah and Beyoncé.

Heart shaped: This shape face is when the chin is narrower and the forehead is wider than the jaw. Some of the most flattering wigs include the blunt fringe - a wig that is short and has volume or a wig that is long on the sides. With the heart shaped face it is best to avoid wigs that place emphasis your upper face or wig styles with long partings.

Celebrities with this shape: Eva Longoria, Ashley Olsen and Ashanti.

Round shaped: If one has a rounder chin and the face is full and widest at the cheeks, then you have a round shaped face. With this shape one needs to try wigs that have volume and are full at the crown. Wigs that have layers and cut close to the face add length and help in making it appear slimmer. Try to avoid centre partings and short-cropped wigs; they sometimes make the face appear fuller. The best wigs for a round face are wigs that end at the bottom of the chin, long length wigs with wispy sides and a wig with a longer thinner fringe.

Celebrities with this shape: Charlize Theron, Queen Latifah and Kelly Osbourne.

Square shaped: Short hairstyle wigs and Layered bobs finishing above your jaw are perfect if ones forehead and jawline are about the same width and length. With a square face shape avoid long straight wigs as they can make your jawline protrude. Shoulder length wigs and short layers are ideal.

Celebrities with this shape: Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Diamond shaped: This shape is when your hairline is narrower or if your jawline narrows but your hairline is wide. Try not to hide the face with too much hair. People with this uncommon face-shape look great in short hair. There are other options that work well with this striking diamond bone structure. Long, side-parted bangs are great for this shape because it brings out the cheekbones.

Celebrities with this shape: Halle Berry, Ciara and Lil Kim.

Oblong shaped: This face shape usually is found on women with a long and thin neck. If you have this face shape, try to avoid wigs that are one-length cuts, these styles will make your face look even longer and wigs with short layers that add volume to the crown area. The best hairstyles are short to medium in length with longer top layers; this assists in minimizing the length of your face.

Celebrities with this shape: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Rowland and Leona Lewis.

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