Get to know your favourite bad boy

By Drum Digital
31 July 2014

Ronnie Nyakale gave the word “controversy” new meaning as the ?devious Papa Action from Yizo Yizo and as a bully on SABC1’s hit soapie Generations where he plays the role of Cosmo. We spoke to him about the dubious characters he plays on the box.

 Tell us about your character on the upcoming film, Conversation With My Brother?

I play a typical kasi boy who impregnates a girl while still at high school. Now he has to be a responsible father to his child while he’s still a child himself. He ends up on the wrong side of the law and goes to jail. But there’s a big twist in the story.

 Are you selective about the roles you play?

I used to be, but not anymore. When I started being selective, I was out of a job for a while. Being selective doesn’t put food on the table, you have to work and use all the opportunities you have to get ahead in life.

 Some fans actually believe you may be a thug in real life. True ?or not?

People I grew up with would be able to give you an answer on that one.

How do people react when they see you on the streets or in malls, do they attack you?

It was like that when I was in Yizo Yizo (SABC1 drama series), but I think things have changed and people realise I’m not actually like the person I play on TV – it’s just a role I’m portraying.

 Are fans mostly well-behaved or do some of them get out of hand?

Eish, don’t mention that. I love acting and love my fans, too, but sometimes they behave very badly, especially when they’re drunk. They squeeze my hand real hard when they greet me, sometimes it’s painful, because I guess they want to show how tough they are.

 Playing Cosmo on Generations, do you think you would do the same thing to  protect your sister in real life?

Actually, I’ve been there for a cousin. I once had to intervene when my cousin’s boyfriend came to the house to take her away. I was ?angry because it showed that he had little  respect for our home and for me too. For us guys, it’s a disgrace if a guy just walks into your house and behaves like that. But eventually, you reach a point where you have to let go because you realise they’re big girls and they can look after themselves.

 Do you have kids?

I have a lovely daughter and I’m very fond and protective of her.


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