Getting to know Generations actress Luyanda Mzazi

By Molife Kumona
24 May 2017

Luyanda is ready to conquer the world

Generations actress Luyanda Mzazi who plays the character of Lesedi  turns 21 today, DRUM chatted to the star about joining the show, her upbringing and her dreams for herself.

Happy birthday Luyanda!

Thank you so much!

So how does it feel turning 21?

It's exciting and I am getting so many great messages from family, friends and well wishers.

Tell me a bit about where you are from and your upbringing?

Born and bred in Johannesburg. I grew up with my grandparents (visited parents when I could) but I grew up in a God fearing house filled with love and support.

How has your life been since joining generations?

It's been an amazing experience, I work along side with talented artists which is helping me grow as a performer. It's been humbling and so empowering.

Outside from the show, what does Luyanda do?

I am still a student studying HR am in my second year.

What has been the most surprising thing for you about being on a show like Generations?

How everyone at work is so warm and welcoming. The cast and crew is filled with people who are helpful and willing.

What five things can you not live without?

Food, Phone, Laptop, Bible and lipstick.

What is your dream for yourself?

To live in a world with no restrictions and fear. Archiving my goals.

One word you would use to describe yourself and why?


Find Love!