Getting to know Tropika Island Of Treasure's Bongs Ndima

By Drum Digital
16 May 2017

Self love is important because one you love yourself then you can love others- Bongs

He has been on two reality shows and he is most likely to be on another one soon. DRUM chats to fitness fanatic, entrepreneur and budding producer Bonginkhosi Ndima on Tropika, fitness, his son and much more.

How has the Tropika Island Of Treasure experience?

The experience has been truly amazing. I had never been on island and to be there with a chance to win a smooth R1 million was the icing on the cake.

We got to be paired with nine of the best celebrities in the country so that was a jaw dropping and exciting space to be in.

What has Tropika Island Of Treasure taught you?

I think as people we tend to down play our capabilities. And being on the show taught me patience and tolerance, in particular when you have to work with a team mate. That takes you out of your comfort zone and make you learn real team work and to depend on your team mate. The biggest lesson I learnt though was things don't always go as planned.

You were also on BarOne Manhunt, how different is this experience to that one?

That (BarOne) was "coming out of age " experience for me. It taught me how be a man in all true sense.  The barone was hardcore,masculine and very demanding physically. One had to dig deep to stay afloat.And it was each man for himself. Tropika on the other hand allowed me to have more trust in another person and that built my character and personality.

You have been quoted as saying you are a 'jack of all trades' why do you say that?

I have a Diploma in Video Technology from Durban University of Technology.  Which is basically TV production. I worked as an online video editor for 4 years but got bored and I left. But before that I was already studying towards a Diploma in Fitness and I used that to start working as a personal trainer,in between that been doing underwear modeling and also acting  (cameo roles). Iam now running my own fitness company "NdimaSupremeFitness" training private clients and also starting my own supplements range. So you see "all trades".

Yes definitely, and tell us about your son, you often post cute pictures of him on social media?

They say "you haven't lived until you not only living for yourself" I think am at stage now. His name is Mangaliso and everything revolves around him. Now at 17 months his even in charge of the TV schedule. Which changes every second till he finds something else to keep him busy. He has given me a reason to be a better person than I was....motivated me to work even harder. And to be a better man and a dad to him.

How easy was it to get your body and is it something that's easy to maintain?

I wish I could be like other guys and say "oh I have good genes " but I'll be lying. I have always been active. Did swimming in high school also participated in track and fields events. When I left high school entered the road running phase. Then got introduced to weight lifting. I haven't looked back since. Is it hard to maintain such....I think it takes commitment. Am at the gym 4/5 times on a good week. And I train for an hour 15 mins then cardiovascular which helps with fat burning. And I try to eat well I wouldn't say diet. I just monitor what I eat less sodas or sugary stuff. The goal is to look sexy naked, because I am also an underwear model.

Am sure you get some people making you their MCMs, what makes someone attractive to you?

All I know is when you look good and you take care of yourself that will attract most people. And that is what I also look for in a person. You don't have to look like a swimwear model but show that you love yourself enough to fix or mend things you not happy about. ...either by a brush of makeup,gym or something that makes you a better person. Self love is important because one you love yourself then you can love others.

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