Gigi's sound sabotage

By Drum Digital
20 October 2016

Drama unfolded when rapper Gigi Lamayne lost her cool at an event held by her record label, Mabala Noise Entertainment, recently

The event was a live broadcast album launching Metro FM's Lulo Cafe and DJ Naked's show.

The event, held at the SABC's studios in Auckland Park, also included the Ice Cream singer's fellow Mabala Noise hitmakers, Nasty C and LeAnne Dlamini.

But,  during Gigi performance, she kept on pausing to ask the sound engineers to increase the volume on her mic - to no avail.

Afterwards, during an interview with Lulo and DJ Naked, the  22-year-old lambasted the sound engineers, saying she felt sabotaged. "During my rehearsals the sound was perfect but now I feel like I've let my fans down as they know I always give my best," Gigi said.

Towards the end of the interview, she burst into tears. "I was told there was a new person on the sound desk," she continued. "Mistakes happen - I'm just glad to have performed for my fans."

Fortunately her debut album i-Genesis is doing well, so her spirits were lifted a bit.

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