Gogo's Journals 4/4

By Drum Digital
18 February 2014

Thando's dying gogo Mildred tries to tell her a story from her hospital bed.

Just then Gogo Mildred had a lucid moment as she lay in her hospital bed. Some wounds are best kept hidden, she thought. But I must find a way to warn Thando. I know that look she wears because I saw it staring back at me in the mirror for years. She felt saddened by the story she had to tell her beloved granddaughterbut she knew she couldn’t go to her grave without at least trying.

She spoke: “Thando, Thando.”

“Yes, Gogo. I’m right here.” Thando had been dozing in the chair and jumped up at the sound of her voice.

“Don’t let them send me away. Mom said I’d never know a moment’s peace with him. She said Ben’s mother would destroy what we had. I know she’s only looking out for me – but I can’t live without him!” Tears poured silently down her cheeks. “It’s okay, Gogo.” Thando touched her face. “I know you loved grandfather very much.” Thando had heard all about how they met. At the mention of Ben’s name Mildred became agitated again. She turned her head sidewaysand her hands fluttered nervously on the blanket. She murmured something inaudible before falling asleep again. “They go into different worlds,” the nurse said. “Why don’t you go home and rest for a while? I’ll call you if there’s any change.” “I don’t like to leave her.” Thando’s eyes filled with tearsand she felt the loneliness close in on her.

“She’s due for her injection now,” the nurse said. “She’s going to sleep for quite a while. You need to keep your strength up, love. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.”

-by Agnes Kimberley

The end.

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