Going down the drain 1/3

By Drum Digital
11 November 2013

INDIWE Cele-Hamilton was losing her temper fast.

She spoke on the phone to her agent while her chauffeur negotiated the early morning traffic, heading towards the television studio. “I’m not happy,” Lindiwe told her agent. “I’m telling you, PK, they’re trying to get rid of me. There’s a plot against me!” Over the phone her agent tried to soothe her. “Relax, Lindiwe darling. No one can touch you. You’re the star of Fame and Fortune. Without you Fame and Fortune wouldn’t be half as popular with viewers.”

But Lindiwe was not consoled. She picked up her day’s script and banged it  against the car seat, giving her chauffeur quite a fright. “Shall I tell you what happens to me in today’s episode, PK? I find a lump in my breast, that’s what! By next week, no doubt, I’ll be having a mammogram and by next month, they’ll have me in a hospital scene. Two months’ time and I bet I’ll be doing a death scene with all the cast pretending to cry around my bed. You mark my words!” PK gave a comforting laugh. “Nonsense, Lindiwe sweetheart. The lump-in-thebreast episode is just for public awareness. It’s just to encourage your millions of female fans to go for regular check-ups. The studio is always doing things like that.” The chauffeur stopped at the studio gates. Two burly security guards recognised her at once and their faces broke into smiles of adoration.

They almost bowed as they greeted her. Lindiwe smiled. She could never get enough admiration from her fans. No doubt the security guards would be telling their wives all about her tonight: what she was wearing, how her hair was styled! The chauffeur drove through the booms and parked in her private parking bay next to the producer’s Range Rover – at the studio’s front entrance. Lindiwe got out of her car, still talking on the phone. “I’m telling you, PK. It’s this new producer. This Noah Ngcobo. He’s out to destroy my career. Three scenes – that’s all I had in yesterday’s shoot. Three minor scenes with hardly any dialogue! How long before my fans start forgetting me?” “Lindiwe, my dearest. Trust me. Your career as a soap opera star is not going down the drain . . . Hey, that’s quite funny, don’t you think? A soapie career going down the drain!” But Lindiwe wasn’t amused by his silly joke. She was angry – angry at her idiotic agent who didn’t seem to realise that her soap-opera queen status was in real danger.

Angry at Fame and Fortune’s new producer, this Noah Ngcobo. Who did he think he was? He was just a kid, barely out of university. And now here he was, throwing his weight around like some Big Man! She’d been acting before he was even born. She’d been famous and loved by millions of fans when he was still in primary school.

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