Going Natural – what you need to know

By Drum Digital
31 January 2014

It won’t look like you expect

Yes, we'd all like to have hair as bouncy as Tracee Ellis Ross' or as fluffy as Solange's, but the truth is that each head of hair is unique.  Don't get discouraged if your curl pattern is not what you thought it would be.  No matter how kinky or coily your hair, you can learn to love it and style it with flair!  It's all about working with what you've got.

It’s not easier

Whoever started the rumour that going natural would be "easier" than being relaxed was lying. Developing a regimen for and styling natural hair takes just as much work as styling relaxed hair. You won't always be able to just jump out of the shower with a perfect wash-and-go. Be patient through the process because you'll spend a lot of time investing in and learning about your hair while transitioning.

- SOURCE: Essence.com

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