Grandma gets first tattoo done aged 86

By Drum Digital
13 September 2013

A grandma has had her first tattoo done aged 86 by her granddaughter.

A grandma has had her first tattoo done aged 86.

Eve Colding has been begging granddaughter Beki Sanderson to ink her ever since the 26 year old opened up a tattoo parlour four years ago and despite being sceptical at first, Beki eventually relented.

She tattooed a rose onto her gran's upper arm, and the pensioner has been showing off her design to all her friends.

Beki told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We were not sure if she was just saying it or if she really wanted it. I waited until she was definitely sure.

"She said she has always wanted one but it wasn't acceptable in her day.

"It went really well and she didn't squirm at all. She said 'ooh' a couple of times but that was it, she was really brave. I was more nervous than she was.

"She's been showing off her tattoo to all her friends."


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