Groom-to-be fakes his own death to avoid wedding

By Drum Digital
19 August 2014

Groom-to-be fakes his own death to avoid wedding.

A 23-year-old bride-to-be in the UK was devastated to hear that her fiancé was suffering from depression and had committed suicide by jumping in front of a car, just days before their planned wedding.

They had met at Connecticut University in 2012 as part of a year studying abroad, reported

Alex recalls Tucker being a gentleman, showering her with gifts and jewellery and taking her out for posh dinners on the 10th of every month to celebrate the day they first met. So much so, it was painful for her to return to the UK once the year was up.

At that moment, when Tucker asked her to marry him, she was over the moon. She returned home and the couple spoke on the phone every day.

Alex starting preparing for the wedding. She shopped for her wedding dress and even arranged for photographers, when she received the call from his father. Desperate, she called his mother to learn more, when she discovered that she had no clue of what Alex was speaking. In fact, his mother told her that she thought they had broken up once she returned to the UK, reported the Mirror.

That’s when Alex realised that she was the victim of a cruel lie - it was Tucker himself who faked his own death to get out of marrying her.

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