Grow your bald spots/hairline back (3/3)

By Drum Digital
22 July 2015

While disguising you need to continue to repair your bald spots.

Not having  hairline can be really hard to deal with especially if you like your hair in up-dos or just an sort of natural hairstyles. But the good news is, while you are still trying to recover and grow your hairline back, you can disguise and walk confidently with your home made hairline.

While  disguising you need to continue to repair your bald spots or your thinning hairline. So to do that you will need to get good product that stimulate hair growth, preferably natural products. One of the best natural hair growing products is rosemary oil, used with a barrier, like a hair stimulating hair food.  A little goes a long way, apply some rosemary oils on your problem area/s every morning and evening.


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