Guests arrive for the presidential inauguration

By Drum Digital
24 May 2014

Jovial mood at union buildings

There was a sense of jubilation at the south lawn of the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Saturday morning as hundreds waited for the presidential inauguration of Jacob Zuma.

Young and old danced together as a DJ played music on stage.

People traveled from different parts of the country to be part of the celebrations.

Josephene Miyoba said she never thought she would be free.

"We never dreamt of being free, today just shows that if we stand together, we can do more," she said.

The energetic elderly woman added that since 1994, the country had made progress despite the challenges that were still being experienced.

"There has been so much progress made but we must remember that Rome was not built in one day. We have really worked hard for this freedom," Miyoba said.

"This freedom is not for us, it's for our children and their kids. They must follow in our footsteps and be united to build... where we failed."

Josephene Dood said she was looking forward to seeing Zuma, and Liza Buthelezi shared the same sentiments.

"I'm here to celebrate with our president and to enjoy with him. I'm truly happy with the progress the country has made," Buthelezi said.

Buses were still shuttling in supporters as the morning sun began to warm up Pretoria.


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