Guilt-free hair products

By Drum Digital
15 October 2014

Here are some great, natural products for healthy hair – natural and processed alike.

Using natural products is one of the greatest gifts you can give your hair. Here are some great, natural products for healthy hair – natural and processed alike.

Vitamin E Oil

Use this as a moisturiser before bedtime for dry skin and scalp.

Green tea

If you’re struggling with hair loss, you should consider incorporating green tea into your diet. It's been identified by scientists to stimulate hair growth.  Green tea is also good for building your immune system and is a great health and beauty boost.

Aloe Vera

This plant is guaranteed to soothe a tender scalp and reduce inflammation. Add aloe vera juice to your conditioner or create a spritzer using water, aloe juice and your favourite essential oils.

Raw Honey

Honey keeps hair cuticles soft, reducing frizz and dandruff. Its antibacterial properties heal burned skin. It also contains soothing healing properties for eczema.


As a butter or oil, avocado adds softness from its nutrient-rich substances to both your scalp and hair.


Belonging to the mint family, rosemary fights dandruff and dull hair. Add it as an essential oil to your conditioner or hot oil treatment mix for a healthier scalp.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is used in hair products to prevent excess hair loss and reduce frizz. Use it to replenish protein and stimulate your hair follicles.


It has been said that Alopecia patients love lavender's abilities to promote rapid hair growth. Massage into hair daily for best results.


Their antioxidant properties cleanse the scalp while getting rid of excess oil.


People with sensitive and dry skin use it to restore moisture and heal dryness and irritation from sunburn. It also fights acne breakouts, and is effective as a way to naturally lighten dark hair.


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