Habits to leave in 2014 for your marriage to improve

By Drum Digital
17 December 2014

Bad habits keep us from reaching our true potential as couples and they can leave us feeling unhappy and unsettled.

Marriage is often one of the most meaningful aspects of our lives, but it can also be the aspect of our lives where we make the most mistakes.

Here are a few habits you and your spouse should seriously consider leaving behind in 2014:

Not sleeping in bed together

Couples benefit from sharing similar bedtimes as well as waking up together. When you go to bed and wake up together it strengthens your partnership and gives you more time to connect.

Poor communication

Having strong communication skills can make or break your marriage. If you don’t communicate well with your spouse, make 2015 the year you finally decide to work on your communication skills

Truly listen to what your spouse has to say, as well as making sure you communicate in a way that encourages your spouse to listen to you.

Living a sexless life

Sexual intimacy is at the core of any healthy marriage. To share a life with someone and neglect to connect with that person on an intimate level is something that will damage your relationship with time.

Neglecting quality time

Dates are important! Whether you have kids or not, you have to take the time to connect with one another, have a good time, and strengthen your marriage.

If you don’t, the connection you have begins to fade with time.

Neglecting your health

Taking care of yourself and looking out for your spouse’s health is critical. If you both make your health a priority, not only does your marriage benefit, but your entire family does.


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