Hair care for men

By Drum Digital
08 December 2013

Hair says a lot a man’s personal style.

If your hair is unkempt, you might come across as someone who doesn’t pride himself in the way he looks. Even though if your hair is short, it can still be dry and fragile and you are as much in danger of losing your hair as your female counterparts.

Easy on the washing. You probably don’t see a problem with washing your hair every time you’re in the shower. But try to avoid frequent washing as it dries out your scalp and hair. Washing three times a week is ok.

Moisturize. Your hair needs to be moisturized daily, whether you shampooed or not, to replenish hydration that is lost through dry conditions or air conditioning. No matter how short your hair is, you need to keep your scalp moisturized.

When in doubt, cut. Simple hairstyles  look  very smart and sophisticated. So if you’re not sure what kind of hairstyle you want then you should go for a simple hair cut.  Ask your barber to show you pictures –  there are tons of varieties to choose from.

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