Hair removal techniques: Plucking 2/6

By Drum Digital
14 April 2014

Hair removal options: Plucking, the pros and cons

Plucking or tweezing can be painful, but it may be a good option if you only have a few hairs you want to remove. Times when you might want to pluck include when you're reshaping your eyebrows or pulling out a few stray hairs that appear on your face. You should not, however, use this hair removal method for large areas.

Pros and Cons of plucking

  1. It is cheap and easy to do
  2. It is best used on small areas or removal of few stray eyebrows
  3. It is slow and painful
  4. It can cause ingrown hairs or scarring

Tips: With tweezing less is more so avoid over plucking. You can always remove missed hairs but over plugging on the other hand, takes a while for hair to grow back.

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