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By Drum Digital
14 April 2014

Hair removal options: Shaving, the pros and cons

Shaving, when correctly done is painless, cheaper and faster than alternative hair removal techniques.

It is best used on legs, head, arms, and facial hair, however, it can cause ingrown hairs on the bikini and pubic areas.

Pros and Cons of shaving: 

  1. It is simpler, quicker and cheaper than alternative methods
  2. Compared to other methods like waxing and plucking, it is relatively painless
  3. It doesn't last as long as other methods due to cutting off the hair instead of removing it from the root
  4.  Constant shaving causes skin irritation

Tip: Use a loofa before shaving then exfoliate the shaved are regularly 

- Koketso Mashika

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