Hair shedding

By Drum Digital
17 June 2014

Discussing shedding is a subjective topic and many people are left in frustration when trying to figure out how how to deal with this problem.

Difference between shed hair and breakage? Shed hairs are usually identified by the typically white bulb of keratin that should be visible at the root of the hair. Anything else falling from your scalp, without the white bulb, can be considered breakage. Things that cause excessive shedding?
Low protein diet

Contraceptives with high oestrogen levels

Stress Lack of blood flow Menopause Post pregnancy When is it excessive?  Is an area of your hair visibly thinning out?  

Is it a protein problem?

This often comes up when discussing shedding. The ominous issue of protein overload or under load An issue with protein, whether you need more or your hair is protein sensitive, would be dictated by the breakage and not true blue shedding What can you do to counter the shedding? Keep your scalp clean Tea rinses are popular and nominally effective Keep a healthy diet Scalp massages Vitamins E, B and D (Biotin is a derivative of Vitamin B) Get and stay happy

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