Hand washing tips for mothers with newborn babies 4/6

By Drum Digital
04 April 2014

Be careful when pets are around your newborn.

“By teaching mothers and birth attendants how handwashing with soap can prevent disease, we can improve neonatal survival rates and put more children on the path to reach their fifth birthday – a key milestone that millions of children don’t reach every year,”Ashveer Mahabeer, Brand Building Manager of Lifebuoy.

Don’t leave your baby alone with pets or near pets. Make sure pets do not get into the crib with your baby.

When your baby is very young, don’t allow the family dog or cat to lick your baby's face.

This could transmit infectious material (such as faeces) into the baby's mouth or eyes.

Make sure that anyone who has come into contact with your pets washes their hands thoroughly before touching your newborn.

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