Hard To Get set to sizzle at local cinemas

By Drum Digital
15 August 2014

Israel Makoe plays Mugwza who is one the films feared villains and delivers a great performance.

The new local action and romance movie Hard To Get is excellent.

Following the story of TK  (Pallance Dladla) and Skiets (Thishiwe Ziqubu), a young couple in love with each other and with danger. The movie really impresses when it comes to picture quality and special effects.

The script and dialogue is brilliant, in particular a scene where TK and Skiets go to rob a pawn shop only to end up having a ‘lovers spat’ during the robbery.

Another hilarious scene is when the couple is making out and Skiets removes TK’s pants and he thinks they are about to get to have sex then she leaves him hanging. The things he says to try convince her are hilarious. Legendary actor Jerry Mofokeng plays TK’s uncle who owns the bar he works in and he delivers a stellar performance.

Israel Makoe plays Mugwza who is one the films feared villains and also delivers a great performance.  The most surprising and impressive performance came from Thishiwe who is also a screen writer and actress. “She is an ultimate star”, said actress and comedian Celeste Ntuli who has a cameo role in the film.

The only criticism is that certain parts of the script could have been improved. All in all this action packed film will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Verdict out of 10 is 7. The movie opens on 22 August nationwide.

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