Hau, it's Tau!

By Drum Digital
13 October 2010

Lesilo, Lesilo Rula@ Rula mo baswing o tle kwano!” Eish, the big guns at Generations must have been watching too many reruns of cult ’90s horror drama Lesilo Rula when they were deciding what to do with Connie Ferguson’s character, Karabo.

In Lesilo Rula the one-eyed lead character, Raitlhwana, would blow on a muti horn to summon the zombie Lesilo to help him out of sticky situations – and it seems that’s what Generations scriptwriters have done by resurrecting Tau Mogale (played by Rapulana Seiphemo) to help them write Karabo out of the show.Confused fans of the hit soapie have been tuning in with bated breath since Karabo rushed into Ezweni screaming that she’d just seen Tau in the basement parking lot. Social networking sites have been buzzing with speculation that Tau’s evil twin brother had come to claim Karabo, while others think Karabo is delusional and her exit may well be a send-off to the loony bin.

“She’ll probably run away to some other country with Tau’s twin!” Beke Dube wrote on DRUM’s Facebook site.

“She’s going mad; I think she’ll get put in an institution or she’ll go with Lungile to India,” Nolene Ogle wrote. Mlungisi Mbokazi thinks Karabo will have her happy ending after all. “She’ll marry Tau, there’ll be a big wedding and that’s how Connie will exit.”

WeLL, we can safely assume Karabo won’t be going back to India with Lungile (played by Buyile Mdladla) after he packed his bags and left town heartbroken. So is Karabo heading for Weskoppies mental hospital – and just what on earth is going on with this Tau business? Actually, we can reveal that it’s no twin Karabo saw but the real thing. That’s right, fans – Tau never really died!

“We don’t want to say we’re bringing him back from the dead because he didn’t actually pass away,” says Chris Blomkamp, Generations’ head writer.

But what about the final scene where Tau was lying in a heap on the floor, blood seeping from under him after a gunshot delivered by the cronies of his nemesis, Jack Mabaso?

“If you don’t see a body in a coffin on a soapie there’s always the possibility of the character returning,” Chris says matter-of-factly. “I know viewers sometimes become frustrated because they think we’re being lazy and think up this implausible way of bringing characters back, but it can work.”

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