He abandoned me and our child

By Drum Digital
30 April 2014

He’s recently changed towards me and now won’t have any contact with me or our child.

It’s clear that your boyfriend has washed his hands of your relationship for whatever reason.

This is terribly sad for you and your daughter, especially as you didn’t see it coming and can’t figure out what’s going on.

If you ask me he is a coward for abandoning you and his child and for not being man enough to explain his actions to you face to face.

I suggest you contact his family and ask them to reason with him: at the very least he owes you an explanation for his behaviour.

He also has financial responsibilities towards you and his child – who doesn’t deserve to be treated in this cold-hearted and selfish way.

Contact a legal resources centre near you so that you can demand maintenance for your child from this man.

You can’t be expected to bring her up on your own.

From a personal point of view, it sounds as if this guy has met someone else – so you’ll have to lick your wounds and prepare yourself for the worst.

It seems as if it’s over and while it’s painful, you surely don’t want to be with a man who can end a relationship in this way.

Your best option is to focus on getting what you need for your child and trying to encourage him to stay in touch with her.

For the rest, hold your head up high and move on.

-Sis Dolly

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